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At our core, we specialise in sourcing highly skilled professionals across all levels of management, including senior, middle, and junior positions.

Our dedicated team of recruiters possesses a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, enabling us to effectively comprehend the unique requirements of companies across diverse sectors. Delivering well-matched candidate profiles within the defined time frame remains our utmost priority.

We extend our recruitment outsourcing services to a wide range of functions, encompassing Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, IT & CS, HR, Admin & Training, Logistics/Supply Chain, and Senior Management roles.

In terms of sectors, our expertise spans BPO, Finance, Hospitality, Information Technology, Real Estate, and many more, ensuring comprehensive coverage and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Efficient Recruitment Process

We have a deep understanding of our client’s business priorities, and our extensive pool of skilled candidates enables us to support them in achieving their objectives.

Plan of Action

  • Thoroughly grasp the client’s requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive search brief
    • Create a customised search plan
    • Conduct meticulous profiling
    • Internally evaluate potential candidates
    • Identify the perfect fit
    • Evaluate candidates in collaboration with the client
    • Facilitate the selection process
    • Value-added benefits
    • Risk mitigation

    Payment Terms Salary Range and Professional Fees:

    • Up to CTC of 10 Lacs: 8.33% of Annual CTC
    • Between 10-15 Lacs: 10.33% of Annual CTC
    • Above 15 Lacs: 12% of Annual CTC

    If a candidate leaves within 90 days of joining (including training), we will provide a replacement at no additional charge. However, if we are unable to fulfil the replacement within 15 working days from the intimation date, the amount can be adjusted in the next invoice. This warranty applies only if the candidate leaves voluntarily, and timely notification is given.

    The gross salary includes Basic, HRA, PF, LTA, Medical, Uniform Allowance, Soft Furnishing Allowance, Education Allowance, Periodicals Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Conveyance, and any other remuneration under any other category provided on a monthly or annual basis. Sales and performance incentives and stock options are excluded from this calculation.


Harnessing our recruiters’ expertise and acumen, we possess a deep understanding of the unique requirements across diverse industries. Additionally, we recognize the imperative of fueling the growth of rapidly expanding companies. Consequently, our recruitment team diligently assesses the precise needs and expectations of each campaign to develop a tailored and effective strategy.


Navigating the complexities of payroll management, vendor invoices, receivables, cash flow, profitability analysis, accounting standards and regulations, credit and debit banking, and investor reporting can be an intricate web of processes spread across multiple systems. These convoluted procedures often hinder the client’s ability to generate comprehensive financial insights for their business.

Bulk Hiring

Mass recruitment or bulk hiring refers to the strategic approach of companies that aim to onboard a significantly higher number of employees compared to their counterparts during the recruitment process.

Industries such as technology, construction, manufacturing, and hospitality commonly engage in mass recruitment initiatives. It is important to note that conducting a large-scale recruiting event does not imply compromising the quality of the candidates hired.